Time to Belong (2023)

Release information

This is an episode of four small-to-medium maps (plus start and end) dressed mostly in original Quake styles. They started in speedmaps in 2003 and I planned to create an episode out of them that year, thinking it would be a short exercise. Unfortunately, it went through numerous hiatuses and tweaks and didn't end up being released until nearly 20 years later. Fortunately though, it had a rather oldskool vibe to it even in 2003, so the additional time made little difference in that regard.

It's not my best work; the speedmap DNA is occasionally evident in the layout design and maps 2 and 4 can feel a little copy-pasted in places. But I'm happy with the overall consistency and flow of the episode as a whole. If you enjoy classic 1997-style maps, hopefully you'll like this.

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