Subterranean Siege (2002)

Release information

  • Category: Individual map
  • Release date: 8 October 2002
  • URL: Quaddicted page

'Speedchainmaps' were an interesting concept: a team of mappers spend 100 minutes creating a segment each before a 'gluer' joins them together to create a full map. The first four also took an exponentially longer amount of time to complete; DaMaul managed to knock out SM28 pretty much overnight, whereas Than spent a couple of weeks on SM32. I eventually got SM36 over the line 9 months late and it was several years before anything came of SM40.

Technically I shouldn't be taking sole credit for this as there are sections from four other mappers, but when everyone else's contributions were over and done with in under 2 hours and I spent months on mine, including devising the layout, lots of additional building, most of the lighting and all of the gameplay and bugfixing, it's hard not to feel attached to it. Nowadays it's probably nothing special but has some nice verticality and interconnectivity.

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