Quakebow Road (2024)

Release information

  • Category: Community jam entry
  • Release date: 4 Feb 2024
  • URL: Slipseer page

The theme for this jam was to 'remix a multiplayer map from another game'. Thinking most people would submit entries from other shooter games I thought I'd have a bit of fun with it, and picked the notorious Rainbow Road end level from Mario Kart 64, condensed down to fit on the standard Quake grid and complete with a few custom sounds from the game.

There are a few monsters scattered around on normal and hard skills, but predictably the combat isn't great. It's primarily intended for easy skill, where you can time-trial for three laps without any monsters getting in the way. The entire track is coated in thin push triggers set to slightly increase player velocity so the longer you keep consistent movement, the faster you get. A franky ludicrous speedrun of the map can be found at HCMazu's Twitch page.

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